Mini Stationary Haul

Hi guys! 
So sorry for not posting in quite  a while - I've had an utterly exciting trip to Vancouver in Canada. It's lovely there and they have some beautiful stationary stores! I visited many near where I was staying and bought a bunch of cute things.

So lets get right in...

1. Post cards

I brought a lovely selection of blue and green post cards from a beautiful shop called The Regional Assembly of Text. I've stuck these on my inspiration wall and my fave two are the map one pictured and a teal one that says 'I left my heart in Vancouver'. They are gorgeous : and waaaay to cute to write on!

2. Washi tape

I got a few mint coloured washi tapes from Paper-Ya. They have a ginormous shelf full of washi tapes and stamps. I love this mint chevron one in the picture, and I got a cute little daisy stamp which I am going to use for planning.

3. Notebook and pen

I love this mint notebook sooooo much. Its so cute - and I am going to use it for blog post ideas. They have a super selction of notebooks at The Regional Assembly of Text in loads of colours.
I also got this cute mint biro from there too - I'll use that to write in my notebook and my Filofax, too.

4. Scrapbooking cards

They have a wonderful selection of card shapes, too, so I got a small selection to use for blog photography and, of course, scrapbooking and journalling. The one pictured is my favourite.

5. Dachsund shaped cookie cutter

This is the most adorable thing in the universe! I love dachsunds so much but I can't have one because I live in an apartment, so I'll just have to get by with this amazing biscuit cutter :) I got this from a little gift shop in Steveson - the place where Once Upon A Time was filmed - but unfortunately  I forgot to note down the name of it :( keep an eye out for it if you are round there!!

Thank you so much for reading <3 pretty pretty please comment and follow and share - it would me so so much to me to know someone values the hard work I put into my blog. Also, Im going to dedicate more time, get more publicity, a new theme, a new name and better photo quality in a kind of blog makeover, so check that out soon!!

Love you all,


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