My Patent Duck Egg Filofax!

Hi lovelies!

 Sorry that this post is a little hurried and the photos aren't that good quality, but that stuff aside, I'm super excited about this post :) Something awesome arrived in the post a couple of days ago.....  new Filofax in Patent Duck Egg in Pocket Size! I've been wanting a Filofax for a while, and I finally got round to ordering one. I initially wanted a larger one so I could fit a lot on one page, but they were so expensive, so I ordered little one. Turns out, I love it!

This is what it looks like at the front : I love the colour and the pockets at the front! I personalised it by adding my blue Paperchase Sign Pen, some Post-It sticky tabs in pastel colours, some spare very cute notepaper, and a little sheet o stickers in case I want to decorate on the go. I also pegged a little flower and a Tado panda sticker to the dashboard. 

Here's what is in the first divider : my to do lists. I go through so many of these, so I just used the inserts that came with the Filofax, then decorated with washi, stickers, paper shapes and different coloured pens. Notice also the lovely coloured dividers that came with the Filofax - I adore these!

Finally, this weeks layout. I'm a little new to decorating inserts so it's not great but I actually love how this one turned out! The colours are super cute!

I would really recommend this Filofax to anyone! As long as you are not a crazily busy person who would need loads of room for everything they had to do, it's pretty, good quality, not too expensive and a great size!

Sorry this was a little brief but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don't forget to follow, comment and check out my other posts!

Do you have a Filofax? If so, what are your favourite decorating tips? And should I post more planning stuff?

Love you all!


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